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Mobile:                                0407 678 151
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Email:                                 dkatter@qldbar.asn.au

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Having been called to the Bar in 2001, further to admission as a solicitor in 1998, Dr Katter is a registered foreign lawyer of the Singapore International Commercial Court, an individual with rights of audience before The Dubai International Financial Centre Courts and is Admitted in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.  Dr Katter is retained in commercial litigation and administrative law matters, being particularly experienced in complex resource, infrastructure and revenue litigation and arbitrations.

Dr Katter is a Fellow and a member of the Panel of Arbitrators (Secondary) of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

Dr Katter has been a building and construction industry payments adjudicator as to Queensland since 2004 and is a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors panel senior adjudicator as to New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania, also being on the Resolution Institute panel as to Tasmania.

Dr Katter is a Senior Member part-time of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.  Since 2014 Dr Katter has been a sessional Member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and is the General Editor of QCAT Practice and Procedure, a LexisNexis publication.

Dr Katter is a mediator, accredited by the Resolution Institute.

Prior to commencing as a Barrister, Dr Katter was articled at Corrs Chambers Westgarth Lawyers, was the Research Officer to the Court of Appeal of Queensland and subsequently the Associate to the Honourable Justice I. D. F. Callinan AC of the High Court of Australia.

Dr Katter is a graduate of Cambridge University where he was a Wakefield Scholar, an alumni of the Harvard Business School and the Yale School of Management, was awarded the Clive Gard Scholarship by the Harvard Club of Australia and has a doctorate in law. From 2007 he has been an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Catholic University.  He has the following qualifications: BA(Government), LLB, LLM(Qld); MPhil(Cantab); GDipMilLaw(Melb); GDipAdvMilLaw(Merit)(ANU); SJD(QUT); PLDA(Harv), YGELP(Yale), psac, FSIArb, MCIArb, PRIMed,Adj.


Alternative dispute resolution


Admitted to the legal profession: 1998
Admitted as a barrister in Queensland: 2001
Registered Foreign Lawyer (Singapore International Commercial Court)
Individual with rights of audience (Dubai International Financial Centre Courts)
Barrister-at-Law (Queensland and the High Court of Australia)
Barrister and Solicitor (Victoria and New Zealand)
Legal Practitioner (New South Wales, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory)
Lawyer (Papua New Guinea)
Legal Practitioner (admission for specific matters) (Solomon Islands)


BA(Government), LLB, LLM(Qld); MPhil(Cantab); GDipMilLaw(Melb); GDipAdvMilLaw(Merit)(ANU); SJD(QUT)
PLDA(Harv), YGELP(Yale), psac, FSIArb, MCIArb, PRIMed,Adj, JP(Qual.)(Qld)

International Commercial Arbitration

Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators – Panel of Arbitrators, secondary panel
Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Member of the Resolution Institute

Accredited mediator with the Resolution Institute (PRIMed)

Building and Construction Industry Adjudicator
Queensland (2004-):
Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld) – Queensland Building and Construction Commission, Grade 2 Adjudicator

Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (Tas)
RICS:  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Senior Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel
Resolution Institute – Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel

Northern Territory:
Construction Contracts (Security of Payments) Act 2004 (NT) – Northern Territory Construction Contracts Registrar, registered adjudicator 59
RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Senior Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel

Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (VIC) – Victorian Building Authority
RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Senior Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel

Australian Capital Territory:
Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2009 (ACT)
RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Senior Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel

South Australia:
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (SA)
RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Senior Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel

New South Wales:
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW)
RICS: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Senior Adjudicator, Adjudication Panel


Wakefield Scholar, University of Cambridge
Clive Gard Scholar, Harvard Club of Australia
Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society
Overseas Student Bursar, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Honorary Fellow, Australian Catholic University
Faculty Based Award (Law), Queensland University of Technology
Australian Postgraduate Award


Constitutional law
 Haskins v The Commonwealth of Australia (2011) 244 CLR 22; (2011) 279 ALR 434; (2011) 85 ALJR 836; [2011] HCA 28; BC201105899 per French CJ, Gummow, Hayne, Crennan, Kiefel and Bell JJ; Heydon J dissenting (10 August 2011) (with Renwick S.C. and Stewart S.C.)
Haskins v The Commonwealth of Australia [2011] HCATrans per French CJ, Gummow, Hayne, Heydon, Crennan, Kiefel and Bell JJ (29 March 2011) (with Renwick S.C. and Stewart S.C.)
Haskins v The Commonwealth of Australia [2011] HCATrans 39 per Gummow J (22 February 2011) (with Renwick S.C.)
Haskins v The Commonwealth of Australia [2011] HCATrans 6 per Gummow J (27 January 2011) (with Renwick S.C.)
 Berado and Ansett v State of Queensland and Ors [2007] QSC 214; BC200706587 per Mullins J (9 August 2007) (with Harrison QC)

Inquest into the deaths of Robert Poate, James Martin and Stepan Milosevic3191, 3192 and 3194 of 2012 per Deputy State Coroner Lock (22 September 2015) https://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/438232/cif-martin-jt-poate-rhf-milosevic-sr-20150922.pdf
Counsel for the Commonwealth (with Renwick S.C.)
Commissioner of Police v Clements & Ors [2006] 1 Qd R 210; [2005] QSC 203; BC200505214 (05/3421) per M. Wilson J (22 July 2005) (with Rafter S.C.)

Corporations law and insolvency  
PAC LNG International Ltd v SPI (208) Ltd [2014] NC29; N5681 (22 April 2014) per Hartshorn J
In the Matter of Ok Tedi Mining Limited [2013] MP17 of 2013 (27 September 2013)
ASIC v Lovell and Ors [2009] QSC 7677/09 per A. Lyons J (15 September 2009)
ASIC v Donnell and Instep Superannuation Pty Ltd [2008] QSC 498/08 per Mackenzie J (6 February 2008)
Re Understanding Retirement Pty Ltd and Anor [2008] QSC 6757/08 (27 August 2008) per White J
Sydney Marine Boat Services Pty Ltd v ASIC [2007] QSC 6246/07 (8 August 2007) per A. Lyons J
ASIC v Drury Management Pty Ltd [2007] QSC 464/02 per de Jersey CJ (7 October 2005)
Re Murphy as liquidator of Fitzroy Aviation Qld P/L (In Liq) v Airservices Australia [2005] QSC per M. Wilson J
Jarraman Arts Aboriginal Corporation v Tourism Australia (as successor in Title to the Australian Tourist Commission) (No 3) (2005) 144 FCR 233; (2005) Aust Contract R 90-217; [2005] FCA 983; BC200505288 per Mansfield J (21 July 2005) (with Logan S.C.)
Bidjara Aboriginal Housing & Land Co Ltd v ATSIC & Ors [2003] QSC 6896/03 per Mullins J

John Holland Pty Ltd v Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union [2013] FCA 1309 per Rangiah J (8 November 2013) (Intervening for the Director of the Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate)
Scale v Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd [2013] FCCA 1343 per Burnett J (4 June 2013)
Thomsen v Acting Deputy Commissioner Colin McCallum [2011] QCAT OCR184-19
Bonneram Pty Ltd v Chase Commercial Pty Ltd & others [2009] QSC 7349/04 per Chesterman J (29 January 2009) (with Perry QC)
Hinks v McLaughlin [2008] QSC 11; BC200800463 per Mackenzie J (11 February 2008)
Maclean v Sauermann [2004] QSC 140 (04/2395) per Douglas J (14 May 2004)
Pure-Ezy Pty Ltd v Metzroth [2003] QIRComm 457; 174 QGIG 1230 per Deputy President Swan
Metzroth v Pure-Ezy Pty Ltd [2003] QIRComm 356; 173 QGIG 977 per Deputy President Swan


2017                     Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Counsel Assisting
2012-2013          Commission of Inquiry – CH-47D Chinook crash in Afghanistan (Counsel Representing), Melbourne
2011                      Commission of Inquiry into death of RAAF service member (Counsel Representing), Brisbane
 2010-2011          Commission of Inquiry into HMAS Success (Counsel Representing)
 2010-2011          Commission of Inquiry into death of RAAF service member (Counsel Assisting), Brisbane
2008-2009         Review of Queensland Corrective Services, Low Security custody
2008-2009         Commission of Inquiry into HMAS Sydney II (Counsel Representing), Sydney
 2006                    Public Service Act 1999 (Cth) inquiry
 2004-2005         Review of the Corrective Services Act 2000 (Qld)
2004                     Board of Inquiry into the disappearance of A/LSET Gurr (Counsel Assisting), Sydney
 2001                     F-111 Fuel Tank Deseal/Reseal Board of Inquiry

Intellectual Property
 British American Tobacco Ltd v TST 4 Mile Ltd [2013] NC67; N5252
Virgin Enterprises Limited v Defiance Energy Pty Ltd [2003] ATMO 13; (2003) 57 IPR 274; (2003) AIPC 91-875
Firebelt Pty Ltd v Brambles Australia Ltd (2002) 188 ALR 280; (2002) 76 ALJR 816; (2002) 23(9) Leg Rep 8; (2002) 54 IPR 449; (2002) AIPC 91-800; [2002] HCA 21; BC200202569 per Gleeson CJ, McHugh, Gummow, Hayne and Callinan JJ (23 May 2002)

Maritime and Admiralty
 Coral Princess Cruises (NQ) Pty Ltd v Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and Anor [2014] AATA (2014/1813) (with Renwick S.C.)
Spliethoff Transport BV v Leisure Freight & Import Pty Limited (No 2) [2013] FCCA 443 per Raphael J
Spliethoff Transport BV v Leisure Freight and Import Pty Ltd [2013] FCCA 27 per Raphael J
 Wood v Bannister [2008] QDC 247 (08/0224) per Forde DCJ (29 September 2008)

Christian Education Ministries – Qld Ltd v Thomson Adsett Pty Ltd [2015] QDC 292 per Samios DCJ (26 November 2015)
Cavallaro as personal representative for the estate of Victoria Cavallaro v Kehoe [2009] QDC 2104/04 per Robin QC DCJ (3 March 2009)
Facer v WorkCover Queensland & Anor [2005] QDC 025 (03/0627) per Tutt DCJ (7 February 2005)
HTW Valuers (Central Qld) Pty Ltd v Astonland Pty Ltd (2004) 217 CLR 640; (2004) 211 ALR 79; (2004) 79 ALJR 190; (2005) ASAL 55-131; (2004) ATPR 42-030; (2005) Q ConvR 54-611; [2004] HCA 54; BC200407490 per Gleeson CJ, McHugh, Gummow, Kirby and Heydon JJ (12 November 2004) (with Bell QC)

 Torres Strait Regional Authority v Akiba on Behalf of the Torres Strait Regional Sea Claim [2018] FCA 601 (4 May 2018) per Jagot J
Kingston v Kingston [2017] NC335; N7054 (25 October 2017) per David J (with J. Renwick S.C.)
Mamun Investment Ltd v Koim [2015] SC9; SC1409 (24 February 2015)
Sinclair v Sir Robert Sinclair and Ors [2015] NC9/10 (10 September 2015) (with J. Renwick S.C.)
Hodge v Smith [2014] QSC 948/12 per Mullins J (26 November 2014)
Saviane v Hope Island Resort Principal Body Corporate & Anor [2014] QCATA 355 per Thomas AM QC (16 September 2014)
Imperial Homes (Queensland) Pty Ltd v Queensland Building and Construction Commission [2014] QCAT 42 per Senior Member Paratz (31 January 2014)
Southbank Beach News v Southbank Corporation [2009] RSLT 008 (08/0007) per KF Watson (Chair), E Robertson and R Hourigan
Capable Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd v Garget [2009] QDC 404 (09/182) per McGill S.C. DCJ (18 September 2009)
Branfield v Wharton [2004] FCAFC 138 per Ryan, Finn and North JJ (with Bain QC)
Wharton on behalf of the Kooma People v State of Queensland [2004] FCA 1761; BC200409352 per Emmett J
Energex Ltd v Kerr [2003] QDC 429 (03/0013) per Dodds DCJ (27 November 2003)
Brown v Walsh [2003] QDC 027 (02/0473) per Howell DCJ (18 February 2003)

Public Law
Independent State v Independent Timbers & Stevedoring Ltd [2018] NC548; N7700 (19 October 2018) per Hartshorn J
Campbell v Superannuation Complaints Tribunal [2017] FCA 1509 (12 December 2017) per Logan J
Bradley v Placements Ltd [2014] QSC 16 per Daubney J (20 February 2014) (with Griffin QC)
Gibson v Canniffe; Kidd v Baragan; Slabon v Moore [2008] QDC 319 (08/0221) per Devereaux S.C. ADCJ (24 December 2008) (instructed by the Crown)
Brown v Australian Securities and Investments Commission [2008] AATA Q2008/3018 per Deputy President Hack S.C. (counsel for ASIC)
 Johns v Tallmadge [2006] QDC 421 (06/2462) per Robin QC DCJ (4 December 2006) (instructed by the Crown) (against Nolan)
Yabsley v Donaldson [2006] QDC 395 per Brabazon QC DCJ (instructed by the Crown; opposing counsel P. Smith (now His Honour Judge Smith DCJA))
DJS v LJT B95/2001 [2002] HCATrans 130 per Kirby and Hayne JJ (19 March 2002)

Judicial Review
Summit Development Ltd v Chan [2018] NC250; N7335 (27 April 2018)
Bemobile Ltd v Telecommunications Commission and Ors [2012] SBHC; HCSI-CC 35 of 2011 and 129 of 2011 per Chetwynd J
Santos Exploration Limited v Duma and Ors [2012] NC (OS (JR) No. 93 of 2011) (with Griffin QC)
Insurance Commissioner v Pacific MMI Insurance Limited [2011] SC 9; SC1114 (with Griffin QC)
Save Bell Park Group v Kennedy [2002] QSC 174 (02/0143) per Dutney J (29 May 2002)

Franchise contract
Telfrid Corporation Pty Ltd v Stella Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd [2013] QDC 169 per Devereaux S.C. DCJ (26 July 2013)
 M & H Noble Pty Ltd v Paulmarg Pty Ltd [2007] QSC (10936/07) per McMeekin J (with Fleming QC)

Revenue and Taxation
Digicel v Commissioner (PNG) Ltd v Commissioner General of Internal Revenue [2018] NC97; N7188 (28 March 2018)
Bougainville Copper Limited v Commissioner General of Internal Revenue [2009] SC48; SC1020 (with Griffin QC)
Commissioner General of Internal Revenue v Bougainville Copper Limited [2009] NC208; N3857; NC238; N3988 (with Griffin QC)
Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (Cth) v Luckhardt & Anor [2006] QCA 53; BC200600948 per McMurdo P (3 March 2006), Williams and Keane JJA (with Savage QC)

Booth v Smith [2015] QSC 10090/13 per Daubney J (7 January 2015)
Timm and Kean v Boyd [2014] QSC 275/14 per McMeekin J (21 July 2014)
Lemon v Lemon & Anor [2014] QSC 123 (14/4283) per A. Wilson J (2 June 2014)
Morrow v Morrow [2012] QDC 2783/99 per Kingham DCJ (29 November 2012)

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